We are changing lives one tiny home at a time.

Minimize things to maximize joy!
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tiny RECREATIONS Customized to YOU

We believe that minimizing things renews joy in your life in so many ways. We offer three options for a tiny living experience that best meets your needs.


Try It

People love it! We are Airbnb Super Hosts and offer two Houston tiny homes to book  so you and your loved ones can try out the tiny living experience. We would love to host you! This is a low-investment way to experience tiny living first hand. Our guests have provided glowing feedback for your review!

Learn It

Ready to start planning but don’t know where to begin? We offer a one-hour instructional  webinar (coming soon) or one-on-one consultation to help field some of your most important questions. We made our own mistakes that cost us time and money. You don’t have to do this alone. Schedule a chat today!

Build It

Would you like to build your own tiny home or have us build it for you? We offer a 16, 20, 24ft and larger shells for you to own and DIY the rest. Do you prefer to have the entire process taken care of for you? No problem! We offer a turnkey 20, 24, 28ft and larger tiny home with a plenty of upgrades available too.

Give us a call: 713-277-7487

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