The Custom tiny house trend is on rising in Houston, Texas. Prefabricated homes or modular homes are specially designed buildings that are manufactured away from the site prior. They are assembled and installed at the desired place. Modular houses are preferred for building a tiny home because of their advantages like it is an accurate, fast, cost-effective, and efficient way. Tiny home models which are made using this technology were constructed faster than using a conventional methodology.

Modular homes are made of multiple box-like structures. These modules consist of floors, ceiling, walls, plumbing, wiring with all internal fixtures. These tiny homes are fully assembled. These boxes are made fully away from the site of the building and shipped to the fixed place. They are brought to the location and fixed to the foundation of the house. This is one of the most common types of prefabricated tiny houses in Houston, Texas.

Advantages of Prefabricated Homes

Flexible and Energy Saving

Installation of the modular tiny houses in Houston, Texas, is energy saving. In a conventional methodology, house construction needs more manpower and energy. It helps to save water and energy during construction. In addition to this, one can modify or customize the home at any time with less effort and cost.


In a prefabricated house, the wall panels are made in a factor and transported to the construction site. There all the units are assembled according to the predesigned plan at the building site. It reduces the time of construction.

Less structural deviations

Compared to the traditional structures the prefabricated homes are proven to be having fewer structural deviations. They show fewer leakages, cracks in due course of time, and various other quality complaints.


There is scope for cost minimization in these prefabricated customized tiny houses. The units of prefabricated houses are manufactured in a controlled environment and standardized operating conditions. Modular houses help in reducing material cost, water consumption cost, energy cost, and manpower cost. Effective cost management in an area like Houston will help an individual.


Many tiny houses that are built using this technology display energy efficiency, and they are net-zero. Many manufacturers are able to make homes that are eligible for passive home certification and LEED certification. Modular homes can withstand well to natural disasters.

The key factors that are to consider before investing in a Prefabricated tiny house

Buying a modular home in an area like Houston is always an expensive step. Obviously the investment is long-term. One should take care of some critical factors before investing in them.

Standard or Customized

Many manufacturers offer detailed predesigned floor plans, but some tiny house builders in Texas are open to customized floor plans. Customization is available in two types partial and complete. The standard home designs are always available in limited numbers. But some companies primarily work on custom prefabrication houses and modular homes.

Depending on the conditions, the prefabricated are always worth investing in because they are energy-efficient and cost-effective.