tiny RECREATIONS Services

Going tiny can seem exciting and daunting at the same time which is exactly why we offer several options for your needs. 

Helping you minimize things to maximize your finances, relationships, and life.

You are curious to know if going tiny is right for you and your family. Being a family of five, we can totally relate which is why we created options for families just like you. We made it our mission to make an impact on our society by building a community that provides families attainable homeownership and the opportunity of living and/or vacationing in beautiful outdoor settings.

Try it.

We highly recommend you try living in a tiny home for a weekend or longer so you can truly know if it is the right lifestyle for you. This experience will also allow you to decide what size tiny home on wheels and upgrades that you will prefer for yourself BEFORE you BUILD It. 

We offer 2 tiny homes to book in a gated lot in the heart of Houston. Maximize your experience by seeing a Texans, Astros, Rockets, or Dynamo game while you are here. 

Learn it.

We started this adventure alone but with a lot of determination. We want you to work smarter, not harder. Avoid making the same costly and time-consuming mistakes that we did. Schedule a one-on-one coaching call with us today.


 Build it.

Prefer to build yourself? We offer a 16, 20, 24 foot or bigger tiny home on wheels shell-only packages so that you can customize yourself however, wherever, and whenever you want.

Don’t want to build for yourself? We will build it for you. We offer a 20, 24, 28 foot or bigger tiny home on wheels packages in Basic, Standard, or Premium with Optional Upgrades for each. 

Are you ready to take the leap into tiny?


Learn It

Be able to make the most informed decisions about tiny living through coaching with us.

Build It

Build it yourself or have us build for you. We offer 9 packages with optional upgrades.

Try It

Experience downsizing without the downgrading or sacrificing style. Book one of our tiny homes with airbnb.

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