Everyone’s life is filled with clumsiness and over-occupied. So more than half of the American population wants to downsize their living by decreasing the size of their houses. Thus started the popular tiny house movement. People are desiring to simplify their lives without leaving the option of being comfortable. This has increased the percentage of people looking for tiny house communities in Texas.

The human being is a social animal who never wants to be alone and searches for similar mindsets to share emotions. Like standard housing communities, slowly, the tiny house owners form communities in the bigger cities. Here all the houses are designed specifically whose area wouldn’t exceed 400 – 500 sqft. Together they realize the dream with a thought process of minimalizing life. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you should leave your comfort zone. Tiny houses for sale in Texas are planned to have everything which a traditional home would offer.

In the tiny house communities, you enjoy reduced bills, freedom, and flexibility. Along with these comforts, you save the earth by conserving energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Tiny House community

The tiny home communities in Texas are proving that bigger is not always better. In the tiny house community, the dreams stand high, and houses laid small. The American average family size has decreased for the past 30 years. The size of the house is doubled, and the cost of building them is quadrupled. This situation has lead to a nationwide affordable housing crisis. To overcome this problem, Americans found a solution to tiny houses.

Tiny houses still need to be legalized across the nation. These houses require lower capital than usual homes. The tiny house owners don’t have to mortgage, and they are debt-free. But in some cases, those who need financing face troubles as the tiny homes are not legal yet. Until then, the solution is to gather as a cluster of dwellings like Tiny house communities in Texas.

Features of the Community

Community is the grouping of tiny houses with space to share meals, watch shows, and workshops. In a traditional home, one would have all the tools in the garage, but as a tiny house owner, you have to leave behind a lot of your belongings. You have to look for a friend in the community who has those tools. This happens in many other cases. In the community the relationships take birth. So the relationship with neighbors is very close not like once in a while. You build your support group through this community.

The primary concern is water; as a community, you can resolve the problem by having a water source for all the community members. As space is generally selected in the city’s outskirts, there is no disturbance for the regular dwellers. These tiny home villages have shared green space and wireless internet.

Living happens outdoors in these villages. The cluster of the tiny homes is designed around a fire pit or a patio, where the residents can use it as their extended yards. Reading emails and spreading a yoga mat nearby this pit is normal.

The community of tiny houses gives you the natural feel of you being in the commune. Your neighbors will be your family.