We have been featured in Texas Monthly magazine! Yes, it’s unbelievable but true. One of our beloved clients was a little hesitant before her first stay in our custom based tiny homes. She was looking for a 190 sq. ft. tiny home. Rose, our client had a thought of getting hurt on her head with the low lofts or would there be any smell around! But to great astonishment, Rose did not get any kind of hurdles while staying there.

In fact, she told us that she had one of the best sleeps after months. A modest essential oil diffuser added a lavender and mint smell faintly that enhanced the aroma in the loft. Few thoughtful touches in the washroom had mesmerized our client. Like adding a spare toothbrush in the washroom or adding a miniature coffee machine in your kitchen space.

The kitchen looks all the more delightful with tiny single-serving boxes. You can eat your breakfast at the café tables and chairs while sipping your coffee gazing at the beautiful sunrise glinted at the door.

Moreover, if you people are amazed by the experience Rose had with us, you can easily get in touch with the owners of TinyRecreations, Rene and Veronica Rivera. They will offer you the best time-space to let you describe the desires of your tiny home. They will help you in building your customized tiny home and live a cheerful life. You should hire them once if you are looking for luxury custom tiny home building services.

It is never late to try something new in your life. If you are ready to get shifted to a new, comfy yet tiny home, then you are can get connected for further details and suggestions. The professionals at TinyRecreations are extremely well trained and will help you make your decision at every step.

As Tiny RECREATIONS remains the one of the best tiny house builders, therefore the expectations from them remain high for all the clients.  The experts of Tiny RECREATIONS always make sure that establish creative yet mesmerizing tiny homes.