Tiny Home – the name itself speaks! It’s a small little guy that’s not only eye-pleasing but attractive too. But while looking for tiny homes, you need to know a little about it. TinyRECREATIONS, one of the most renowned tiny house builders takes the initiative to let you know about each and every variety of tiny homes.

Tiny Recreations
– the name itself speaks!
  1. Shipping container homes – As the name says a shipping container of 100 sq. feet might sound little tiny but in reality, it is a space with giant boxes that are stackable. You can create great ways to decorate this shipping container into a tiny home.

2. Compact Cabins – Do you remember your childhood guys? Your father must have gifted you a small playhouse! Exactly the same is the case with Tiny houses. The cabins or cottages are a perfect box to stay. All you need to use your skills of carpentry and give a style look. TinyRECREATIONS, the tiny home company keeps in mind your choices and desires and offers you a fantastic home.

Tiny homes on wheels – The movable home or tiny homes on wheels more like a travel trailer which provides extreme comfort and curb appeal to a living home. The personalization and innovation of TinyRECREATIONS are of a new level.

Floating Tiny Homes – Every day will be a picnic day for those who adopt the floating tiny homes. Waking up with sun above you and lake beside you seems to be a dream come true. Here, we are not talking about your typical boathouse. It’s like a proper house that floats on the water, more like a raft but with walls and plumbing.

Tree Houses – Here come your childhood fantasies. Each and every kid must have dreamt of living in a treehouse. But as time flies this dream seems to be unnatural. Tiny house builders now design beautiful tree houses that are not only worth living but you can expect superb luxury too. Build your own liveable treehouse with simplicity in mind.

Cob Houses – A cob house is perhaps a tiny home that is effortlessly made of all-natural materials. It looks like a fairy-tale with its potholed roof and quirky design. There will be a large overhang thatched roof that is premeditated to defend the walls from excess moisture while it’s raining.

RVs – RVs are the actual tiny houses that can be used as campers and low budget housing. They have the advantage of mobility which means you can move it from here to there. You can easily find a readymade RV at TinyRECREATIONS. If you are keen to shift or downsize your living, then you should definitely try out RVs.

Tiny houses Airbnb – This is a special kind of tiny house that is equipped with everything necessary at a miniature version. It will have a kitchen where you can cook, an amazing tiled washroom, and an area to lounge. If you are looking for Airbnb Houston Texas, you can connect to the TinyRECREATIONS. They will offer you a minimalist stay of almost 250sq ft.

Gypsy Wagons – Do you remember the beautiful horse-drawn caravans that were once central to Gypsy life? They are still here!! There are beautiful covered wagons with little facelift over the years. They are tiny but can be rented out or built by some companies if you don’t want to build your own.

If you also feel that these little tiny homes are not only exclusive but appealing too, then get in touch with the TinyRECREATIONS for an amazing stay.